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Han-Earl Park / Murray Campbell Duo

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Eaten by Children v.s. Aliased Neuron

Cold Battle 2

This is the second time for the two meet in a live-set, weaponed with simplified no-input mixer and recent hammered circuit bents, sound to visual battle from last time change to sound to sound conflict.

The Initial Condition in Kitchen

Several new brewed ideas, take slightly off-jazz feeling into chaotic drums on a ambulance. Thanks David Hughes help on the drum set.

Han-Earl Park and Murray Campbell

Buster and Friends’ d’da

Han-Earl works from/within/around the traditions of idiom-agnostic, experimental improvised musics, sometimes engineering theater, sometimes inventing ritual. He prefers collaborative, multi-authored contexts, and has worked with animators, film makers, poets, theater and mime performers, dancers and installation artists. Additionally, as sibling liaison, he is a co-founding member of, and active evangelist for, the Church of Sonology.

Very impressive technique, highly communicating live music, both between the two players and with audience. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any sound or video of the night, just borrow a video of their another live-set in Brighton two days later.

Han-earl Park & Murray Campbell @ On The Edge 28 Nov 2007


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