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DCP – Digital Composition and Performance, a very interesting program in Edinburgh University. Here is the introduction of the program:

“We know you’re out there: talented, creative laptop performers; obsessively meticulous digital sound producers; glitch-happy hardware hackers; sound designers itching to go further with musical structure; interactive sound installation artists; performers wishing to branch out into the world of electronic and computer music (composition even); classically-trained composers wanting to break into the digital age…

Some of you will have thought that a university music department is not for you, that your lack of formal musical education would stand in your way. It ain’t necessarily so. The MSc in Digital Composition and Performance is a dynamic new MSc designed to attract composers, musicians, and sound artists from all aesthetic and musical dispositions. The common ground is an interest in developing creative and technical expertise in composition and performance with computers.”

The Laurel Tree, a young female Scottish musician and sound artist, well trained pianist, also ever played sort of instruments in a quite diverse styles of music groups, punk, songwriter, folk, etc… she is undertaking her study in DCP at the moment.

Dimitris Bozelos, who is also in DCP at the moment (Smiling one in the middle of above picture). In his 6 minutes short but sweet set, waves of noise went through Forest Cafe, took us on rolling wheels into one unknown domain.

GSOE’s old friend Sean Williams also played a tape work of re-interpretation of one “world-famous” female fake-performance singer’s songs. Great fun~

Also happy Surprisingly, Pixelmachenics showed up with his heavy Dub Djset.


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01/12/2007 at 1:27 pm

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