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Vodka Soap + Heather Leigh Murray + Muscletusk, CUT HANDS II + Skullflower

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  • Vodka Soap + Heather Leigh Murray + Muscletusk @ Sneaky Petes, 16th October

    Early doors 7pm with the first act soon after, will be finished before 10pm, £3 on the door.

    -Voadka Soap is Spencer Clark’s solo project. He is one half of The Skaters. He’s a.k.a. Monopoly Child. He is so tall that he has difficulty finding trousers.

    “Solo work from Spencer Clark of The Skaters that teleports straight into the nowhere zone with Native American rhythms and power visions, sudden spurts of percussive tape spool, choirs of alien visitation and what sounds like gamelan works scored for tiny pulses of light. With every jump cut the whole thing just seems to devolve into deeper, more primal alphabets until it sounds like the first music you ever heard, while your auditory canals were still connected to the source. Aspects of Cluster and Harmonia, Sun Ra’s wiggiest keyboard visions, Terry Riley, early choral music, Nico and even Fripp and Eno combine in a fog-shrouded paean to black exotica. This is some of the deepest psychedelic sound to come out of the underground since Angus MacLise’s skull exploded in Kathmandu.” — Volcanic Tongue

    -Heather Leigh Murray sings, hums , screams and plays the pedal steel guitar. As one half of the duo Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast she demonstrated her fondness for improvisation to achieve psychedelic states in sound. It was her work with Charalambides and her duo with Christina Carter as
    Scorces, that really put her name on the map. Her solo work continues the unflinching path of No Wave sensibility and she can also be heard as part of the avant-garage band Taurpis Tula alongside Volcanic Tongue’s mainmanDavid Keenan and drummerAlex Neilson. Her last solo album, Devil If You Can Hear Me, was released as a limited edition in 2007 and a double LP with Scorces is slated for 2008.

    -Muslcetusk = Reekie’s four-man heaviosity unit slop up ladels of clattering out-rock and free-noise.

    This gig is Curatted by Grant in Muscletusk, GSOE friendship promotion and sound engineer support.


  • CUT HANDS II – Skullflower + DJ Cut Hands

Cut Hands II : Rain Washes Over Chaff

The much-anticipated 2nd Cut Hands clubnight will take place on Saturday October 18th at Henry’s Cellar Bar, 7pm-10pm, and, in addition to the un/usual weird and wonderful goings-on in the Cut Hands afro noise tradition, we’ll be joined by the legendary drone/experimental act Skullflower. An evening not to be missed under any circumstances.

Skullflower live performance!
Cut Hands (William Bennett) DJ set + short talk/demonstration!
Cut Hands visual solution by Nick Herd!

Price is £8 on the door, or if you message us here with your name or email it to – it’ll only be £6 entry.

Skullflower, one of the most important and influential british noise bands, formed in 1988. They are currently lead by Matthew Bower, the only constant member in a fluctuating line-up. Also in this current line-up, is Lee Stokoe, who also are in other project as Culver, Marzuraan.

William Bennett, soul member of english power electronic gourp Whitehouse since 1980. Whitehouse are a key influence in the development of “noise” as a musical genre in Europe, Japan, the U.S., and elsewhere. The early music of Whitehouse is often credited with pioneering the power electronics (a term founder William Bennett himself coined on the blurb to the Psychopathia Sexualis album) and noise genres.

Cut Hands is current running project as regular events by William Bennett and Nick Herd. More will come in future. GSOE friendship promotion.


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