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Alan Courtis/Aaron Moore + Usurper + Foredell Research Unit

@ The Canon’s Gait, Sunday – 22/02/09, 7pm

Alan Courtis was of course an integral part of the infamous Reynols, and has been involved in countless collaborations with names such as Pauline Oliveros, Kawabata Makoto, Campbell Kneale, Lasse Marhaug, Dylan Nyoukis, Culver.

Aaron Moore is best known as part of Volcano The Bear, described by The Wire as “producing some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record and on stage”, and revered for their peerless releases on labels such as Beta-Lactam Ring and Nurse With Wound’s United Dairies. He’s also one third of Amolvacy (along with Dave Nuss of No Neck Blues Band), and the Paris-based Textile Orchestra.

Usurper (Ali Robertson – Giant Tank, Malcy Duff – Missing Twin), Edinburgh local stand-up bending forward minimal graphical noise art duo, will be joint together with Daniel Rutter.

Foredell Research Unit (aka Freaser Burnett), is one of finest scholars dedicated to power drone phenomenon with most modest and sincere scientific mind. The night’s presentation will also include Grant Smith. Psychological tranquillity exist through large-amplitude-vibrating fluid.


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