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March Local Listing

A list of events related to experimental, new music.


  • 3rd Mar   Marcus Schmickler

@ 8pm, Alison House, Edinburgh University. Nicolson Square, Free

German composer and musician who is invited by Digital Composition and Performance & Sound Design programmes Edinburgh University to host a three day workshop. He will also be performing at Alison House 3rd March, Tuesday.

Marcus Schmickler is known for performing on laptop and synthesisers, he was part of many projects  such as POL and Pluramon besides his solo work, and has collaborated with Keith Rowe, Jaki Liebzeit and Peter Rehberg, amongst other notable musicians.


 “It used to be a simple matter of going LOUDquietLOUD for a band to be interesting, but now that’s not enough, bands have to be able to be LOUD and quiet at the same time, or something. Ummm, what? It’s easy to over-spraff about vicious post-metal stop-on-a-dime shenanigans instead of getting into an incredibly erratic polyrhythmic mosh pit, as should be done. Somewhere between System Of A Down and Mike Patton’s work with Dillinger Escape Plan, SECTA ROUGE are maybe (shhh) more fun than either of those two prospects. Technically dazzling and with lyrics that are serious but not taken seriously, it’s a shame the production leaves the dazzling array of vocal techniques buried in the mix. I can’t wait to see them live.” The Skinny.

“Snarly Patton-esque vomit-rap MC’s spew forth inspired bizarre beat-styled monologues on the subject of everything and nothing and sound like absolutely nothing you’ve ever heard before.” The Skinny. SILENI, fresh from playing with Dälek, will tear you apart with their vicious collage of black-metal-crunk-spazz-core.

Commonly disguised as the composer, improviser, soloist, international man of collaboration, Artistic Director of the Dialogues Festival and Academic Director of the University of Edinburgh’s MSc in Sound Design, TINPARK always throws a thrilling show, whether on digital clarinet, laptop or drum machine contraptions, this is one tour-de-force we are very excited to have playing.

Once the underground’s premiere paranoia-noir hip-hop gumshoe detectives, constantly dodging and avoiding the Eye in the Pyramid, MECHANICAL BEAST have evolved and expanded into something quite monstrous.

Opening up are local cinematic noise-scape improve loons from the Giant Tank rooster, SCRIM, whose tape-scrapes, bowed bass, synth noodles and nob twiddling weave cartoonish, sweeping, anxious, apocalyptic atmospheres of sound.

NEVERZONE: reality is what you get away with
Thu 5th March, 8pm
Henry’s Cellar Bar, £3


  • 7th Mar   Eric Carbonara / Ben Reynold / Neil Davidson and Peter Nicholson Duo


@ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh. Saturday 7th March, 7pm. 
A night o’ folky beardness and worldy improv! Eric Carbonara’s free wielding Hindustani guitar meditations, with support from Glasgow’s finest – Ben Reynolds and the Neil Davidson / Peter Nicholson duo. Fiver on the door. Far out! 

http://www. myspace. com/ericcarbonara

http://www. myspace. com/benreynoldsmusic

http://www. myspace. com/neildavidsonmusician

http://www. myspace. com/peternicholson

  • 15th Mar   Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble – Spring Concert

Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL

Programme as follows –

Martin Parker ‘Steinmetzarbeiten’

Jake Spence ‘Five Chorales’

Stuart Taylor ‘Essay for String Orchestra’

Alfredo Caponnetto ‘Konzertstück’

Suzanne Parry ‘Views Through Glass’

Vassilis Kitsos ‘Kammersymphonie “In Memoriam”‘

£8 (£5 concessions)
Booking/info telephone no.
0794 8974527

  • 18th Mar   Green Room / +D.O-NEIMAGI-N.E+ / Monosynth Orchestra

@ The Bowery, Edinburgh, 7.30 pm Door £4, 8pm first act

Green Room


– All Music Guide 


– Jazz Times. 

“Green Room” is where sounds are allowed to happen, structures are vehicles for getting around.” One of the most unique sound in Scottish new music, will be presented by Pianist Chick Lyall and percussionist David Garrett, and joint with George Neil Lyle for the night.


Glimpses of lucid beauty amongst the crumbling ruins and urban decay.

Monosynth Orchestra

Patch-able instant composition from analogue powered (wo)man machines.


  • 20th -22nd Mar   Instal Festival 2009, Glasgow, Arika

Annual avant music fest, run by Arika. And once again another full of surprises three days are wanting here, to make one feel blessed because he(she) still loves music.


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