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6th May – Plunge Trio (Malmo, SE) + The Discordian Trio + SuperD’Orch

@ The Bowery, 7.30pm Door £4

Plunge Trio

The saxophone-bass-drums trio Plunge, based in Malmö, Sweden is now touring w their latest album  “Refreshingly Addictive”. This is the third release from the group on the Swedish modern jazz/improv label Kopasetic Productions. 

Plunge has been in existence since 2001 and deal with collectively improvised, acoustic music. Their music is based on interplay, presence, spontaneity and a far-reaching sense of form.  Plunge have toured Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland and made several appearances on Swedish and European radio.  
All three albums by the band – “Plunge”  released in 2004, “Plunge with Bobo Stenson” released in 2005 and “Refreshingly Addictive”  from 2007 – have been warmly received by press and public alike, and have served to establish Plunge as one of the most interesting bands on the modern jazz/improv scene in Scandinavia today! 
Here´s an excerpt from a review on “Refreshingly…”
“… This is music making of the highest caliber, and it’s possible to hear the spontaneous being manipulated with a constant eye peeled towards creating structure, all in real time. … Andersson once again keenly balances the free, the melodic and the tonal, and the tension/release dynamic created by the band is wonderful, creating the perfect bookend with the title track. Creative improvised music does not get much better than Refreshingly Addictive.”

– Budd Kopman/All About Jazz

The band has just recorded their latest studio effort (december 2008) – making up the second quartet album with long time friend, and european jazz great, Bobo Stenson. Planned release in march 2009!


The Discordian Trio
Edinburgh based jazz rock trio, blend of fusion and free jazz, often sidestepping into noise/rock territory.

A digital orchestra, SuperD’orch started from an academic research project, but which isn’t where they stopped. “Kraftwerk” influence is presented but reversed with musique concrète, and forwarded in exploring different compositional approach based upon the idea of the ‘meta instrument’.


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2nd May – Parallax (Oslo, NO) + Neil Davidson/Peter Nicholson Duo (Glasgow) + Daniel Rutter/ Lin Zhang Duo

@ The Bowery, 7:30pm Door £4, first act 8:00pm

“This Norwegian trio plays attentive and playful improvised music with references as diverse as traditional jazz and Asian music, as well as abstract soundscapes. Rustling, crackling, stealthily winding and melodic, the music moves effortlessly from a mere whisper to intensely suggestive stretches of rhythmic improvising. The music has been compared to haiku poetry; atmospheric, immediate and surprising.”

Stian Omenås:
Musician/composer from Valldal, Norway. BA from NTNU (Trondheim jazz college). Has worked with artists like: Django Bates, Terje Rypdal, Jon Balke, Ståle Storløkken, Nate James, Louis Sclavis, Mats Eilertsen, European Jazz Orchestra, Brian Forgie, Per Zanussi, a.o. In addition to running his own bands he has been commissioned to write several pieces for European Jazz Orchestra, Ålesund String Quartet, and other orchestras. He runs his own jazz festival and was voted Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2007.

Are Lothe Kolbeinsen:
Musician/composer who works mainly with improvised music. Graduated BA from NTNU(Trondheim Jazz College) in 2003. He has worked extensively with physical theatre and dance, as well as installations and free improv. He has toured extensively in Norway and Europe with musicians such as: Maria Castro (FR), Terje Evensen, London Improvisers Orchestra, Javier Carmona(ESP), Chefa Alonso(ESP) Michael Francis Duch, Lina Langendorf , Håkon Kornstad, Fate of Animals, David Leahy. And others.

Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud:
Musician/composer with BA and Mmus from Leeds College of Music (1998-2003). Currently lives in Oslo and works mainly within improvised music in formats ranging from solo to big band, and regularly composes for and performs with film, dance and theatre. He has worked and toured Norway, Europe, USA and Japan with musicians like: Matt Bourne, Chris Sharkey, Dave Kane, Petter Fadnes, Kjetil Møster, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Anders Grønseth, Per Zanussi, Anders Hana, David Skinner, Mark Nightingale, Christophe de Bezenac.


Neil Davidson / Peter Nicholson Duo

Beside as member of Glasgow Improvisation Orchestra, Guitarist Neil Davidson has been actively seen in solo and many occasions of collaboration, essential driving force of free improvisation music in Scotland. Joint with Peter Nicholson on Cello, part of The One Ensemble.


Lin Zhang / Daniel Rutter Duo

A performance take in limitation and  improvisation,  A modern improvisation take in misplacement of vintage electronics, A electronic experiment take in combination of acoustic vibration.

Lin Zhang – VU meters

Daniel Rutter – Physical vibration and conduction of low current electricity


Special Guest Sound Engineer: Alex Fiennes

Alex works as live sound engineer with a list of improvisation, new music groups, such as Arve Henriksen, fennesz, Humcrush, Food, Scottish Chamber Orchestra etc. Special thank him to come to work for this night, to delivery the music through each transient, decay, and every details.

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29th April – White(Beijing,CN) + Alex Chechile(New York,US) + Sandy Milroy(Edinburgh) + Eaten by Children(London)

@ The Bowery, 7.30pm Door, 8pm First act

£6 Door / £5 Advanced List: Email your name to for Advanced List.


was formed by Shou Wang and Shenggy in January 2006, and has quickly become one of the most acclaimed outfits in the Beijing new music scene. White’s sound is ever evolving, spiralling outwards from cosmic industrial. In last few years, White were privileged to perform with a number of high-profile artists, including Glenn Branca, Alvin Curran and Elliott Sharp. And in more recent, White has been played in Sonar Festival 2006, and supported Einstuerzende Neubauten for their 2008 tour.

Shou Wang: Guitar, organ, theremin, toys, pedals, vocals Shou Wang is a founder member of the Chinese new music movement ‘No Beijing’ and is the guitarist / vocalist for Beijing noise band Carsick Cars. He is at the very heart of the new generation of Chinese avant-garde musicians, in 2006 flying to New York to take part in Glenn Branca’s famous No.13 recording “Hallucination City” for 100 guitarists. In 2005 he formed White No.1, a septet that paid tribute to the early work of Glenn Branca, and White 2R, in which he played keyboards. Finally this year he and Shenggy formed White.

Shenggy: Analogue synth, drums, percussion, sampler, vocals, tape manipulation, effects Shenggy has been deeply immersed in Beijing’s music scene since 1998, participating in the vibrant explosion it has undergone in recent years. Until 2006, she was the drummer in Beijing indie/rock legends Hang On The Box, but since 2003, her work has increasingly demonstrated her own unique form of cosmic industrial noise.

Alex Chechile

uses analogue electronics to generate immersive noise that entwines the physiology of his body/mind by using homemade biofeedback systems. These systems allow the implicit physiological and cognitive experience during performance to directly effect how the music is sounded. Performing using a modular synth and re-wired reel to reel machines, Alex further shapes his sound using information found in his live brainwave and heartbeat patterns. Although frequently performing solo, he has been a member of ensembles ranging from new music to noise, Javanese gamelan, West African drumming, and is one of the founding members of Pauline Oliveros’ Tintinnabulate ensemble.

Sandy Milroy

1/4 of the mighty tusk, effect pedals destruction.

Eaten by Children

Improvised electronics, amplified surfaces and Super-8 flicker films



An article of White In WIRE april issue, click for viewing:


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WHITE (Beijing) UK TOUR 26th-29th April

26th April, London
St Luke’s, London,
w/ Yan Jun/Wu Na, FM3 & Xiao He

27th April, Birmingham
The Victoria, Birmingham
Tickets £6.50 available from Swordfish and Polar Bear recs from 3.4.09  
28th April, Sheffield
Shakespeare, Gibratar St. Sheffield
w/BLISTRAP, Hunter Gracchus
8pm £4/3
29th April, Edinburgh
The Bowery, Edinburgh
w/ Alex Chechile(New York,US), Sandy Milroy(Edinburgh), Eaten by Children(London)
7:30pm £6/5(Advanced list:email name to


WHITE Tour Produced by Grind Sight Open Eye with Friends

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24th April, Film Screening – At 6am We Become Police

“At 6am We Become Police”

8pm, 24th April, Friday, FREE, (Donation welcome)
Alison House
12 Nicolson Square

Film maker Adam Mortimer who is currently travelling in Europe with No-Neck Blues Band (aka. NNCK) from New York City, will be here this coming Friday to present and screen one of his work “At 6am We Become Police”: a surreal documentary film work about No-Neck Blues Band.

Since 1995 Adam Egypt Mortimer has been filming No-Neck, documenting performances happening everywhere from the center of Manhattan to midnight performances in the woods. AT 6AM WE BECOME THE POLICE weaves together 10 years worth of performance footage with filmic images that get create an “Ecstatic Truth” about the band’s music. Inspired by project’s such as Sun Ra’s “Space Is The Place,” and Kenneth Anger’s “Lucifer Rising,” 6AM is an abstract sci-fi tinged face melting meditation on music, time travel, and the pursuit of the perfect psychotic breakthrough.

During Adam’s tour with NNCK, the film is also being screened at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussells.

Trailer view:

Adam Mortimer:

More about NNCK:

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15th April – Madame P (Bologna, IT) + Herb Diamante (UK)+ Goatgirl (Seattle, US)

@ The Bowery, 7.30pm Door, 8pm First act

£4 Door


Madame P

Madame P is the latest musical incarnation of italian artist Patrizia Oliva. In the past she was a co-founder and member of the seminal all-female band Allun. Her live sets are focused on the wide range of her vocal techniques: she experiments with her voice sampling it in real time, feeding the result through various effect units along with contact microphones and other minimal electronic devices.

She will be also joint by Jamie Pitts and Lin Zhang (drums and guitar/trumpet, two out of quintet Diva Abrasiva) as an improvisation trio.

Herb Diamante

Herb Diamante- Once seen not forgotten, psychedelic lounge harriden Diamante croons you into his bizarre flip world, where fish walk on land and men fall in love with vegetables. a glam Scott Walker and you’re still only halfway there. Noticeable appearance with Sunburned Hand of the Man at ATP in 2006. Published on the Sun City Girls label Abduction Records, also on Sublime Frequencies.


Goat Girl is Jeppa K Hall and her songs. Goatgirl weaves images of the fantastical and grossly human to create 21st century story ballads. She is based in Seattle Washington. Jeppa is also Queen Shmooquan(among other alter egos) and a vocalist with the Seattle Harmonic Voices.

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