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15th April – Madame P (Bologna, IT) + Herb Diamante (UK)+ Goatgirl (Seattle, US)

@ The Bowery, 7.30pm Door, 8pm First act

£4 Door


Madame P

Madame P is the latest musical incarnation of italian artist Patrizia Oliva. In the past she was a co-founder and member of the seminal all-female band Allun. Her live sets are focused on the wide range of her vocal techniques: she experiments with her voice sampling it in real time, feeding the result through various effect units along with contact microphones and other minimal electronic devices.

She will be also joint by Jamie Pitts and Lin Zhang (drums and guitar/trumpet, two out of quintet Diva Abrasiva) as an improvisation trio.

Herb Diamante

Herb Diamante- Once seen not forgotten, psychedelic lounge harriden Diamante croons you into his bizarre flip world, where fish walk on land and men fall in love with vegetables. a glam Scott Walker and you’re still only halfway there. Noticeable appearance with Sunburned Hand of the Man at ATP in 2006. Published on the Sun City Girls label Abduction Records, also on Sublime Frequencies.


Goat Girl is Jeppa K Hall and her songs. Goatgirl weaves images of the fantastical and grossly human to create 21st century story ballads. She is based in Seattle Washington. Jeppa is also Queen Shmooquan(among other alter egos) and a vocalist with the Seattle Harmonic Voices.


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