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2nd May – Parallax (Oslo, NO) + Neil Davidson/Peter Nicholson Duo (Glasgow) + Daniel Rutter/ Lin Zhang Duo

@ The Bowery, 7:30pm Door £4, first act 8:00pm


“This Norwegian trio plays attentive and playful improvised music with references as diverse as traditional jazz and Asian music, as well as abstract soundscapes. Rustling, crackling, stealthily winding and melodic, the music moves effortlessly from a mere whisper to intensely suggestive stretches of rhythmic improvising. The music has been compared to haiku poetry; atmospheric, immediate and surprising.”

Stian Omenås:
Musician/composer from Valldal, Norway. BA from NTNU (Trondheim jazz college). Has worked with artists like: Django Bates, Terje Rypdal, Jon Balke, Ståle Storløkken, Nate James, Louis Sclavis, Mats Eilertsen, European Jazz Orchestra, Brian Forgie, Per Zanussi, a.o. In addition to running his own bands he has been commissioned to write several pieces for European Jazz Orchestra, Ålesund String Quartet, and other orchestras. He runs his own jazz festival and was voted Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2007.

Are Lothe Kolbeinsen:
Musician/composer who works mainly with improvised music. Graduated BA from NTNU(Trondheim Jazz College) in 2003. He has worked extensively with physical theatre and dance, as well as installations and free improv. He has toured extensively in Norway and Europe with musicians such as: Maria Castro (FR), Terje Evensen, London Improvisers Orchestra, Javier Carmona(ESP), Chefa Alonso(ESP) Michael Francis Duch, Lina Langendorf , Håkon Kornstad, Fate of Animals, David Leahy. And others.

Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud:
Musician/composer with BA and Mmus from Leeds College of Music (1998-2003). Currently lives in Oslo and works mainly within improvised music in formats ranging from solo to big band, and regularly composes for and performs with film, dance and theatre. He has worked and toured Norway, Europe, USA and Japan with musicians like: Matt Bourne, Chris Sharkey, Dave Kane, Petter Fadnes, Kjetil Møster, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Anders Grønseth, Per Zanussi, Anders Hana, David Skinner, Mark Nightingale, Christophe de Bezenac.


Neil Davidson / Peter Nicholson Duo

Beside as member of Glasgow Improvisation Orchestra, Guitarist Neil Davidson has been actively seen in solo and many occasions of collaboration, essential driving force of free improvisation music in Scotland. Joint with Peter Nicholson on Cello, part of The One Ensemble.


Lin Zhang / Daniel Rutter Duo

A performance take in limitation and  improvisation,  A modern improvisation take in misplacement of vintage electronics, A electronic experiment take in combination of acoustic vibration.

Lin Zhang – VU meters

Daniel Rutter – Physical vibration and conduction of low current electricity


Special Guest Sound Engineer: Alex Fiennes

Alex works as live sound engineer with a list of improvisation, new music groups, such as Arve Henriksen, fennesz, Humcrush, Food, Scottish Chamber Orchestra etc. Special thank him to come to work for this night, to delivery the music through each transient, decay, and every details.


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