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6th May – Plunge Trio (Malmo, SE) + The Discordian Trio + SuperD’Orch

@ The Bowery, 7.30pm Door £4

Plunge Trio

The saxophone-bass-drums trio Plunge, based in Malmö, Sweden is now touring w their latest album  “Refreshingly Addictive”. This is the third release from the group on the Swedish modern jazz/improv label Kopasetic Productions. 

Plunge has been in existence since 2001 and deal with collectively improvised, acoustic music. Their music is based on interplay, presence, spontaneity and a far-reaching sense of form.  Plunge have toured Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland and made several appearances on Swedish and European radio.  
All three albums by the band – “Plunge”  released in 2004, “Plunge with Bobo Stenson” released in 2005 and “Refreshingly Addictive”  from 2007 – have been warmly received by press and public alike, and have served to establish Plunge as one of the most interesting bands on the modern jazz/improv scene in Scandinavia today! 
Here´s an excerpt from a review on “Refreshingly…”
“… This is music making of the highest caliber, and it’s possible to hear the spontaneous being manipulated with a constant eye peeled towards creating structure, all in real time. … Andersson once again keenly balances the free, the melodic and the tonal, and the tension/release dynamic created by the band is wonderful, creating the perfect bookend with the title track. Creative improvised music does not get much better than Refreshingly Addictive.”

– Budd Kopman/All About Jazz

The band has just recorded their latest studio effort (december 2008) – making up the second quartet album with long time friend, and european jazz great, Bobo Stenson. Planned release in march 2009!


The Discordian Trio
Edinburgh based jazz rock trio, blend of fusion and free jazz, often sidestepping into noise/rock territory.

A digital orchestra, SuperD’orch started from an academic research project, but which isn’t where they stopped. “Kraftwerk” influence is presented but reversed with musique concrète, and forwarded in exploring different compositional approach based upon the idea of the ‘meta instrument’.


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