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14th May – Machinefabriek (Arnhem, NL) + D’incise (Geneva,CH) + Jodi Cave(Glasgow) + Tri/Ofon

@ The Canon’s Gait, 7:30pm door £5


Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuyderveldt from Arnhem, Holland) is amongst the finest experimental/electronic artists of recent years – his ultra-prolific back catalogue showcases his ability to perfect classical ambience, organic drone soundscapes, electronic minimalism and cathartic noise, and he has been hailed as one of the most interesting new experimental musicians by the Wire magazine.

Live, Rutger eschews the traditional route of hiding behind his laptop, and instead creates hypnotic pieces from live traditional instruments, found objects and signal processors.


“’Lawine’ showcases the singular talent of Rutger Zuydervelt, his ability to morph from near-absolute sonic stilness to noise jams with slow, barely descernible stealth.”        – The Wire

“Zuydervelt proves himself a master of atmospherics and control, creating Hitchcockian tension building suspense and pulling back… A truly remarkable work.”           – Indiecult

“QUITE POSSIBLY ONE OF THE FINEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR… Rutger Zuydervelt has married the smart post rock sensibility of Mogwai with something far more experimental and the crunchy turntablism of Jeck with something far more accessible. The resulting sound is a deeply immersive collection of experiments, populist sounds with a noisy bent, or post rock without the rock.”       – Boomkat



d’incise is member of the audioactivity collective from geneva. As an active musician in both free improvisation action and electronica sound making, he has been collaborated with many electronic or acoustic musicians as Cyril Bondi, Christian Graf, Nicolas Sordet, Johanne Bourquenez, Eric Pailhe, Aymeric de Tapol, Fabien Duscomb, Larkian, Gavin Prior…, and more recent happening acts with Igor Cubrilovic, Hannah Marshall, Keith Rowe.

Jodi Cave


Three laptops collective who was last time shown publicly on the Pole (aka. Stefan Betke) Edinburgh gig. Pixelized rhythmical sound art performance.

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