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Experimental and avant-garde music events in Edinburgh

14th June – Paul Hession (Leeds) / Mike Hurley (Birmingham) Duo + Raymond MacDonald (Glasgow) + Fritz Welch / Lin Zhang Duo

@ Alison House, 12 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh

7:00pm Door £5/£3(concession)

There will be a talk/interview in front the performances, hosted by Michael Edwards and Martin Parker, a discussion gathering multi-cities free improvisation musicians.

Paul Hession
When it comes to British Free Improv drummers, if Paul Hession’s name has circulated less than, say Paul Lytton, Tony Levin or Mark Sanders, it is mostly due to the fact that he worked hard to nurture an avante-garde scene in his hometown of Leeds instead of moving to London. His loquacious, effervescent playing and high listening skills deserve as much attention and recognition as the aforementioned artists. Hession is best known for his
participation in the Hession/Wilkinson/Fell trio, George Haslam’s Siger Band and his various projects with Simon H. Fell and Mick Beck.

Mike Hurley
Representing a younger generation of improvisers Hurley has quickly established himself as an original voice on the Free Jazz/Free Improvisation scene and has collaborated with a huge variety of improvisers. He is the co-founder with Bruce Coates of the Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra (BIO). He is the current brains behind the innovative Fizzle series of concerts in Birmingham and the brains behind a new series co-promoted by Birmingham Jazz at the Midlands Art Centre – The Invention Convention. Amongst his many collaborators are Mick Beck, Lol Coxhill, John Coxon, Paul Dunmall, John Edwards, Patrick Farmer, Christopher Hobbs, Bruce Coates, Paul Hession, Miles and Tony Levin, Tony Marsh, Pete McPhail, Neil Metcalf, Paul Rutherford and Mark Sanders. Regular ensambles include SCHH (Shaw/Coates/Hobbs/Hurley), Friendly Fire ( He is also the percussionist of the band folk/punk group Mama Matrix.

Raymond MacDonald
Raymond MacDonald co-leads The George Burt / Raymond MacDonald Quartet (Leading Scottish contemporary jazz – The Guardian) and is a founding member and key player in The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. (the premier league of the international improvisation scene” – Sueddeutsche Zeitung). uch of Raymond MacDonald’s work explores the boundaries and ambiguities between what is conventionally seen as improvisation and composition. He also performs with Neil Davidson, The Scottish Jazz Composers Ensemble and international saxophone quartet Rich in Knuckles. He has recently collaborated with Lol Coxhill, Ken Hyder, Axel Dorner, Keith Tippett, Harry Beckett, Evan Parker, Gunter Sommer, Fred Frith, Keith Rowe, George Lewis, Steve Noble, Steve Beresford, Maggie Nicols, Satoko Fujii, Natsuki Tamura, Tatsuya Nakatani, Michael Zerang, Fred Longberg-holm.

Fritz Welch
Fritz Welch is known as both visual artist and drummer of New York based project Peeesseye, which combining elements of warped rock architecture, freejazz, horror, intergalactic glassolalia and stripped down abstract expressionism. Welch moved to Glasgow to live in 2008, and has been very active over locally to European wide in avant-garde and improvisation music, like many occasions with new group Brittle Hammer Trio, multi-performances in INSTAL festival 2009, and Berlin based FURTUR etc.

Lin Zhang
From China, via Sweden, Northern Ireland, as music acoustics researcher he moved to Edinbrugh. Later, Zhang founded Grind Sight Open Eye and start organising experimental, avant-garde, noise music events in 2007. He performs in “Aliased Neuron”, “Diva Abrasiva”, and list of collaboration projects.


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