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12th Dec – David Stackenäs/Raymond MacDonald, Brittle Hammer Trio, Edimpro

Free Improvisation gig with Christmas Party afterward.
8pm, 12th Dec, Sat.
Donations (£4 recommended)
Alison house, 12( north-west corner of) Nicolson Square


David Stackenäs

Swedish guitarist, David Stackenäs plays acoustic guitar with percussive energy, is Swedens most interesting guitarplayer nowadays. Stackenäs has been collaborate and tour with Mats Gustafssons, Günther Christmann, Carlos Zingaro, members of Sonic Youth, Tatsuya Nakatani, Rhodri Davies, Loren Mazzacane Connors and Jim O´Rourke among others.

Some of Mats Gustafssons words about Stackenäs: “..his wide open way of listening to others is worth checking out for anyone interested in creative music…The new generation of players in Pippi Longstocking-country is having a great impact on the scene in Scandinavia right now and projects (quite a few including young Mr. Stackenäs) have already spread to the rest of Europe and North America.”

Raymond MacDonald
Much of Raymond MacDonald’s work explores the boundaries and ambiguities between what is conventionally seen as improvisation and composition. He has produced music for film, television and theatre and has collaborated with many individuals working in other media including visual artists, dancers, writers and poets.

Brittle Hammer Trio
An acoustic-improvisation project of four noise maker who are actively seen in the Scottish scene, Ali Robertson (Usurper), Euan Currie (Muscletusk) and Fritz Welch (Peeesseye). Their dadaism, cinematic sound making always gives brain full of humorous imagination.

A group of Edinburgh based improvisers from all sorts of background, started a list of regular workshops since the visiting of Instant Composers Pool Orchestra in May 2009. This free improvisation group keep exploring improvisational music with large ensemble format, and keep crating live improvisation music with dynamics and focus at detail, young but full of taste.


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