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21st June – Fourcolor, Hervé Boghossian, Pixelmechanics, TapeJar, Jessica Aslan

21st June, Monday, 7pm Door £6/£5
the voodoo rooms (speakeasy)
19a West Register Street, EH2 2AA

Fourcolor (Keiichi Sugimoto, Japan)
cubic music, 12K, HEADZ
FourColor is one of the music project by Keiichi Sugimoto. Sugimoto founded the cubic music in 1999 with Tetsuro Yasunaga and Namiko Sasamoto. The label, as a record label, sound production, and designing works based in Tokyo, Japan. He is engaged to some projects of various music relation based on the label.(ex. a part of the electro-acoustic-music quartet Minamo (12K/apestaartje/cubic music), as electronica project Fonica (plop/tomlab) and as electro-pop music band called FilFla.) And, He is also graphic designer / web designer for cubic music or the other company.

Hervé Boghossian (France)
List, Raster-Noton, (1.8)sec.records, Cathnor
Boghossian plays acoustic & electric guitar & electronics (laptop, mixing desk), compose & improvise with this different means in solo as well as with groups or meeting other improvisers. He is the founder of the electonic/acoustic minimalist music label called LIST also released his second album “MOUVEMENTS” on prestigious german label RASTER-NOTON. In the other groups and releases, he collaborated with Stephane Rives, Matthieu Saladin, John Tilbury, Eddie Prevost, Tetuzi Akiyama, Sylvain Chauveau.

Pixelmechanics (Jules Rawlinson)
Pixelmechanics is a solo project by Jules Rawlinson, who is active experimental electronics musician, composer and sound designer. Rawlinson performs with his own software filled with treated sample and modular synths.

Previously known as Mike&Georgia is a duo has continued to experiment with new means of performance by recording and sampling a variety of unique instruments in a live evolution of sounds.
Expect: experimental sound design, rhythmic explosions and helicopters.

Jessica Aslan
Edinburgh based solo artist working with digital/acoustic piano and laptop. Currently placed on the Sound and Music Shortlist for her electroacoustic work, Atom 869. performances range from the highly percussive to textural soundscapes and vocal/textual manipulation, with a variety of realtime processing and sampling.

presented by DCP and GSOE


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