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April 30th, St. Cecilia’s Hall, Laigh Room: SUPERIMPOSE, humansacrifice, the implications – 8pm

Matthias Mueller on trombone and Christian Marien on drums sound like what they are: a working band. They met in 2003 in Berlin, Germany’s capital of improvised music, and their collaboration resulted in the foundation of the duo „Superimpose“ in 2006. Since then they very consciously developing their music, using and at the same time questioning the full range of musical parameters such as dynamics, density, rhythm, sound, form and tonality. They take paths you can only discover after playing together for a long time with high intensity. The outcome is a raw music, at the same time brutal and peaceful, ugly and nice.

humansacrifice began singing in the hallelujah bacon church at the tender age of a heathen actionist goatherd. He has spent many hours avoiding work and death while playing drums and exploring other sculptural possibilities. In this practice the fundamental determinance of line and volume is accumulated in a collision of stripped down and never ending ocular vibration.

The Implications are Steve Kettley (saxes), Oli Conway (guitar), Dave Conway (bass guitar), Des Travis (drums) plus possible ‘surprise guest’!. This line-up has also previously performed under the name Ego Ergo Aggro


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