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Lambs Gamble/Usurper/Grant Smith + Graham Stewart/Sean Williams

Hey everyone!
Yes we’ve been away for a long time…It’s been 5 Months since our last gig with Superimpose at St. Cecilia’s Laigh Room


GrindSightOpenEye presents:

Lamb’s Gamble
Grant Smith + Graham Stewart
Sean Williams

October 1st
Banshee Labyrinth
8pm doors
£5 entry

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Lambs Gamble, featuring members of Vialka, KRK and Peeesseye, sounds like a room full of robotic centipedes with low blood sugar trying to chew their way through a load-bearing wall of serious music while balancing a pile of miniature oddities on the interior of your fragmented skull.

Lambs Gamble is Eric Boros (guitar, electronics and ultra drift), George Cremaschi (bassflub and electronics) and Fritz Welch (drums, voice and heave). They all met in 2001 at CESTA in Tabor CZ. George and Fritz initially started as a duo releasing “Memory Collapse” on Evolving Ear Records in 2002. Eric joined up in 2009 for a concert tour of Italy. They were especially hated in Bologna!

Lambs Gamble =
Eric Boros =,
George Cremaschi=,
Fritz Welch =,,


“The first thing that makes a Usurper show such a thrilling experience is the sudden and palpable sense of self-awareness that squirms over the audience as these two Edinburgh-based self-professed “luddite twins” take their seats and begin, playfully but sincerely, to investigate their apparatus. The particular sense of the audience’s predicament is perhaps common to a lot of dynamically slight electro-acoustic improvisation and yet there is something about the way these two crunch, gobble, spit, contort and twang their assortment of metallic globes, combs and racks tonight that brings a peculiarly refreshing lo-brow, often very comic charm to what is usually a much more academic and “accomplished” endeavour.” -Foxy Digitalis.


Grant is a guitarist playing in muscletusk and fordell research unit. Graham is approximately half of scrim and all of king rib. Together they shall be doing unpleasant things to synthesizers…


Sean is playing “Spiral” by Karlheinz Stockhausen, a piece that explores the musical transformation of shortwave sounds – speech, music, code, interference and noise.


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