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We’ve been absent for a while…so….excited to say this our first gig in ages:

AUN/thisquietarmy/Black Isle Corpus/Hiva Oa

grindsightopeneye in association with Pendulum Man Concerts present…

Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
Sunday 14th October 2012

Tickets £5 in advance from

Doors – 7.30pm



AUN is a Montreal based duo, which melts the boundaries between psychedelic, electronic, ambient, shoegaze and kosmische music. Since their 2007 inception, AUN have kept a very busy international touring schedule, performing at such diverse festivals as, Mutek, Roadburn, Wave Gothic, Victoriaville, Swingfest, all the while releasing highly praised albums on several esteemed labels namely: Alien8 Recordings, Important, Cyclic Law, Oral and Denovali.

Soon to embark on a month long European tour (October 2012), with planned stops at Germany’s Phobos and Latvia’s Zemlika festivals, AUN will be presenting recent and unreleased material, in their characteristically unique, ethereal audio and visual performances.

AUN are:
Martin Dumais: guitars, bass, organ, synthesizers, violin, percussion
Julie Leblanc: vocals, synthesizers, percussion, live visuals



thisquietarmy is the experimental guitar-based project of Eric Quach from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, active since 2005. Revolving around improvised drone music, he takes his sonic experimentations further by adding textural and structural elements of post-punk, shoegaze, krautrock, post-rock, black metal and doom metal to them. The results can be described as dark, melodic, expansive and engaging dreamscapes.

His live performances are mostly presented as a real-time score to hypnotic ethereal visuals, which he creates himself for each performance. thisquietarmy’s latest recordings “Resurgence” & “Vessels” appears on Denovali Records (Germany) & Aurora Borealis (UK). He has also recorded for Alien8 Recordings (Canada), Basses Fréquences (France), Elevation (USA), Foreshadow (Poland), Killer Pimp (USA), Land of Decay (USA), Lunasylum (Belgium), Orange Milk (USA), three:four (Switzerland) as well as his own imprint TQA Records (Canada).

thisquietarmy has also collaborated extensively with Aidan Baker (Nadja), Scott Cortez (Lovesliescrushing), Monarch!, Yellow6 & Year of No Light.


Black Isle Corpus

Black isle Corpus is the secretive new project of dazzling Edinburgh musicians Matthew Collings and Christos Michalakos. This is their first gig.


Hiva Oa (acoustic)

Hiva Oa produce music with a fragile sense of melancholy, buried under a brooding darkness. Guitars, bass, cello, the odd piano and haunting vocals combine to create something unique and intensely evocative. Blending acoustic sounds with more experimental moments the band has created an EP (Future Nostalgia For Sale) and album (The awkward hello, handshake, kiss.)that are distinct and immediately compelling. The beauty of Hiva Oa lies in the understated, and this acoustic set will prove just that.


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