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Mach Nausea Festival 2008

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Saturday, 16th August


The Radiation Line
Stirling, Falkirk
Experimental sonic contingent from central Scotland, with folk and drone metal leanings.

Fordell Research Unit
Uplifting and powerful drone work outs from Fraser Burnett

Miniscule free-noise hissy-fits and broken instrument scrape/squeal, brought to you by Ali and Malcy of Giant Tank.

Harsh, japanoise inspired depravity from the infamous At War With False Noise label.

Kylie Minoise vs Nackt Insecten
A brutal clashing of two west coast titans, Lea Minoise of (Kovorox Sound) and Ruraidh Insecten (Sick Head tapes)

Heaviosity unit, slop up ladels of clattering out-rock and free-noise.

Mills and Boon
Analogue synth deconstruction from two sound techie’s that should know better!


Sunday, 17th August


Eaten by Children
From London.
Feedback, static and Flicker Merchant

Vars of Litchi
Glasgow based duo, noise rock, improvisation, with
crunchy /looped guitar, drum & vocal. Dynamic, Rhythmical.

Blackened drone duo from the murky depths of Edinburgh’s crypts, on Aurora Borealis records

Offaly, Ireland
Offaly, Ireland. The ambient drone side project of Irish ultra doom heavies Wreck Of The Hesperus, Wereju deviated from the mothership bigtime, their take on the slow and low a whole ‘nother beast entirely, and then even not all that beastly. It wasn’t massive or heavy or sludgey, instead it was dreamy and mysterious, the low end more soothing than corrosive. There were definitely some intense moments, but for the most part, the sound of Wereju was a gorgeous blackened late night shimmer.

Dave Meckin
Sound designer, Instrument maker. He will be brought by his three recent designed machines for a mechanical, acoustical, electrical manifesto.

Simon Whetham
The sounds of the rainforest replayed in high definition.
As a artist using field recordings as compositional materials, Simon worked with Scanner and Francisco Lopez.
His work using field recordings from the Mamori Sound Project, a two week residency based in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, is to feature in an installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall and he has recently been commissioned to produce an interactive installation by Creative Labs and the University of York.

Noise-hop ruffians based in Edinburgh. Electro-acoustic, political, chemical reaction.


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02/06/2008 at 4:46 pm

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