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Not strictly a Grindsight, but put on by our friends over at Pendulum Man, at the Banshee Labyrinth this Thursday, Oct 27th:

200 Drum Machines On Fire, Pendulum Man Concerts and Mini50 Records present…


Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
Thursday 27th October 2011

Tickets £5, with a download compilation of exclusive tracks from each artist if bought in advance from


– The Boats

The partnership of Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves collectively know as The Boats enters into its seventh year. In this time they have released a catalogue of seven albums, four EP’s and have appeared on many compilations. The duo thought it was time to push the status quo and break the album cycle. 2011 will see the group perform their latest work live before an audience. The improvised piece entitled “Do The Boats Dream Of Electric Fritz Pfleumer?” will be performed through an intricate tape loop system offering more wow and flutter than ever before. The show will see the group present a poem to the magic of magnetic tape, dreams and the synth pallet of Greek hero Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou. As always the music will reflect a process that sees The Boats passing the experimental through a skewed pop filter creating a sound that uncovers a friendly more fragile side to the avant-garde. These will be special unique events not to be missed.

Andrew met Craig at a failed attempt of an art happening. Both feeling slightly disappointed that the sacrificial bonfire didn’t reach the height or casualties of The Wicker Man, their raised eyebrows met and a conversation started. The result of this exchanging of words was the creation of The Boats.

The pair worked hard and in no time at all had released a trilogy of albums for Moteer records (Songs By The Sea, We Made It For You and Tomorrow Time). For the next trio of albums the duo chose three different labels, their own in house Our Small Ideas for an album of the same name, Flau of Tokyo for Faulty Toned Radio and London/Tokyo based Home Normal for Words Are Something Else.


– Graveyard Tapes

Graveyard Tapes are Euan McMeeken and Matthew Collings. The pair met when Matthew moved from Iceland to Edinburgh in 2010.

Coming from very different musical backgrounds but sharing a love of many of the same artists the pair have been working together on recordings ever since. This will be their very first live performance.


– Chris Tenz

Chris Tenz is a Calgary (Canada)-born, self taught multi-instrumentalist. Since the release of his debut record in June, 2009, he has tirelessly worked on expanding his sound with two solo projects, and as one half of “Language of Landscape”. His work consistently relies on mood and subtlety, never trying to hide or distract from the honest emotion being conveyed.

For over a year, he has turned his attention towards his local community, creating and organising unique events to help expose and connect many local artists of various disciplines. He has also been collaborating with theater and film producers, performing, and in October 2010 released two hand packaged, extremely limited full length solo albums which were sold at local performances only.

He is now finishing up a new full length album, which promises to be his most mature, developed, and unique work to date. Plans are for an autumn release this year, on mini50 records.


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We’re extremely excited about this one folks:

GrindSightOpenEye proudly present:


King Rib

October 10th

Banshee Labyrinth

7.30pm doors
£5 entry

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


‘The world’s wildest free drummer (Chris Corsano: Cold Bleak Heat ,
duos with Mick Flower, Bill Nace , etc.) and the world’s wildest free
steal pedal guitarist, (Heather Leigh:, Dream Aktion Unit, Jandek,
etc.), pits two of the landscapes most intense pyromaniacs against
each other in — “The Rocker” — a blast-furnace of blisteringly
joyous witch-howling assaults on the essence of whips and chains and repressive injustice gone legal…The 1st time Heather & Chris played together, (a first meeting improv 4tet performance — Babes on the Loose), I watched in disturbed horror as Heather crashed her steel pedal to the stage and sliced her hand while trying to play upside down. Then she passed out. Corsano rushed to her aid, but had to stop and bandage his own bloodied digits, as rivers of crimson soaked the frightened platform’ – PAUL FLAHERTY

Jailbreak is the duo of pedal steel/vocalist Heather Leigh and drummer Chris Corsano. The name foregrounds the kind of outlaw violence with which the two reformulate rock/roll instants by bringing free jazz fire power to amp-humping sex beats. Their musical alliance goes all the way back to the legendary Brattleboro Free Folk Fest, the birthplace of the ‘New Weird America’, where Corsano and his long-term saxophone partner Paul Flaherty joined Leigh and Christina Carter for a quartet show that took the roof off the building and the skin off their fingers. Since then Corsano and Leigh have worked together as part of Taurpis Tula and as members of Thurston Moore’s Dream/Aktion Unit. Jailbreak play improvised music that dispenses with traditional notions of call and response or dialogue in favour of a profound simultaneity that would birth instant forms from the application of high energy strategies. Leigh’s steel mainlines sanctified slide guitar sources and deforms them with overdriven electricity, playing a form of future-blues exploded by super-charged currents. Corsano detonates time, literally blows it to pieces, in favour of a profound polyrhythmic feel that would confuse past and future. Yet the whole thing rocks like it hasn’t a braincell to spare, re-connecting avant garde tactics and ass-whooping rama-lama with alla the revolutionary fanfare of the most radical counter-cultural two-chord punk. They’ve released an LP on Family Vineyard, The Rocker, and a CD on Nyali Recordings, Colour Them Gone.


Distorted drone cloaks itself around wild percussion that occasionally turns into a gabba beat, while mashed-up samples collide with spastic oscillations, occasionally giving out to stadium rock power chords. I’ve said it in these pages before, but rock’n’roll has about as much rebellion left in it as bingo, and if you say punk’s got any balls then that’s just what you’re talking. But along with the other loons from Giant Tank, this shit is pure attitude’ – THE SKINNY



info to follow

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Lambs Gamble/Usurper/Grant Smith + Graham Stewart/Sean Williams

Hey everyone!
Yes we’ve been away for a long time…It’s been 5 Months since our last gig with Superimpose at St. Cecilia’s Laigh Room


GrindSightOpenEye presents:

Lamb’s Gamble
Grant Smith + Graham Stewart
Sean Williams

October 1st
Banshee Labyrinth
8pm doors
£5 entry

– – – – – – – – – – –

Lambs Gamble, featuring members of Vialka, KRK and Peeesseye, sounds like a room full of robotic centipedes with low blood sugar trying to chew their way through a load-bearing wall of serious music while balancing a pile of miniature oddities on the interior of your fragmented skull.

Lambs Gamble is Eric Boros (guitar, electronics and ultra drift), George Cremaschi (bassflub and electronics) and Fritz Welch (drums, voice and heave). They all met in 2001 at CESTA in Tabor CZ. George and Fritz initially started as a duo releasing “Memory Collapse” on Evolving Ear Records in 2002. Eric joined up in 2009 for a concert tour of Italy. They were especially hated in Bologna!

Lambs Gamble =
Eric Boros =,
George Cremaschi=,
Fritz Welch =,,


“The first thing that makes a Usurper show such a thrilling experience is the sudden and palpable sense of self-awareness that squirms over the audience as these two Edinburgh-based self-professed “luddite twins” take their seats and begin, playfully but sincerely, to investigate their apparatus. The particular sense of the audience’s predicament is perhaps common to a lot of dynamically slight electro-acoustic improvisation and yet there is something about the way these two crunch, gobble, spit, contort and twang their assortment of metallic globes, combs and racks tonight that brings a peculiarly refreshing lo-brow, often very comic charm to what is usually a much more academic and “accomplished” endeavour.” -Foxy Digitalis.


Grant is a guitarist playing in muscletusk and fordell research unit. Graham is approximately half of scrim and all of king rib. Together they shall be doing unpleasant things to synthesizers…


Sean is playing “Spiral” by Karlheinz Stockhausen, a piece that explores the musical transformation of shortwave sounds – speech, music, code, interference and noise.

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April 30th, St. Cecilia’s Hall, Laigh Room: SUPERIMPOSE, humansacrifice, the implications – 8pm

Matthias Mueller on trombone and Christian Marien on drums sound like what they are: a working band. They met in 2003 in Berlin, Germany’s capital of improvised music, and their collaboration resulted in the foundation of the duo „Superimpose“ in 2006. Since then they very consciously developing their music, using and at the same time questioning the full range of musical parameters such as dynamics, density, rhythm, sound, form and tonality. They take paths you can only discover after playing together for a long time with high intensity. The outcome is a raw music, at the same time brutal and peaceful, ugly and nice.

humansacrifice began singing in the hallelujah bacon church at the tender age of a heathen actionist goatherd. He has spent many hours avoiding work and death while playing drums and exploring other sculptural possibilities. In this practice the fundamental determinance of line and volume is accumulated in a collision of stripped down and never ending ocular vibration.

The Implications are Steve Kettley (saxes), Oli Conway (guitar), Dave Conway (bass guitar), Des Travis (drums) plus possible ‘surprise guest’!. This line-up has also previously performed under the name Ego Ergo Aggro

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Dj Sniff and C Spencer YEH

We are excited to announce the next gig on our calender:


Dj Sniff and C Spencer Yeh
Support TBA
Door price: Donation TBA
31st March 2011


dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) is a turntable musician working in the
field of improvised and experimental music. His music focuses on the live
reconstruction and narrativization of the phonographically amplified – the
music, the sound, the technology and the past. To achieve this, he uses a
unique setup consisting of hand-made hardware interfaces and a custom
Max/MSP software along with one turntable and DJ mixer.
Since 2005 he has been involved with STEIM’s (Studio for
Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam) R&D lab. From 2007 on, he is STEIM’s
Artistic Director, guiding the institution’s creative output and
representing it’s activities through performing and lecturing around the
In 2010, he released his first solo album “the play-back” through lebanese
label Annihaya. During the first half of 2011 his 2nd album based on Evan
Parker recordings will be released from Parker’s label Psi.
He regularly performs in projects with eRikM, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Astro Twin
(Ami Yoshida & Utah Kawasaki), Adachi Tomomi, Keir Neuringer, Raed Yassin,
Yutaka Makino and has played with Evan Parker, Otomo Yoshihide, Akira
Sakata, David Toop, Martin Tetreault, Michel Waisvisz, Paul Hubwebber, DJ
L?K?O, Ryu Hankil, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, John Richards, and many

C. Spencer Yeh was born in Taipei, Taiwan 1975, moved to the US in 1980;
studied radio/television/film at Northwestern University, repped Cincinnati,
Ohio over a decade, and is now based in Brooklyn, New York.
Musically, Yeh is active both as a solo artist and improviser, as well as
with his project, Burning Star Core. Yeh has collaborated with a deep and
ever-growing list of artists and groups, including Tony Conrad, New Humans
with Vito Acconci, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore, Okkyung Lee, Paul Flaherty
and Chris Corsano, John Wiese, Nate Wooley, Wally Shoup, Michael Johnsen,
John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Don Dietrich and Ben Hall (as The New
Monuments),Clare Cooper, Prurient, and Jandek. He has performed at festivals
and venues such as Sonar, FIMAV at Victoriaville, Frieze Arts Fair, Issue
Project Room, No Fun Fest, High Zero, the 24 Hour Drone People at Fylkingen,
The Kitchen, ZKM Karlsruhe, and has also exhibited visual art, sound, and
video works internationally.

Takuro Mizuta Lippit / dj sniff
Artistic Director / R&D
STEIM – Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam

Takuro Mizuta Lippit / dj sniff
Artistic Director / R&D
STEIM – Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam

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Jasper TX

Grind Sight Open Eye Presents – Jasper TX, 13th March 2011
Cafe Diablo

GrindSightOpenEye presents Jasper Tx
At the spectacular Cafe Diablo
BYOB, corkage 1 pound per beer, 3 pounds bottle of wine
Entrance 3.50 on the door:

Jasper TX [Miasmah | Fang Bomb | Fenetre Records | Kning Disk | Lampse | SMTG | Under the Spire]

Jasper TX is the musical moniker of Sweden’s Dag Rosenqvist. Using electric and acoustic guitar, piano, pump organ, melodica, glockenspiel, voice and various other instruments as a foundation for his compositions, Dag has managed to create his own musical universe. Elements of post rock, drone, improvisation, noise and lo-fi aesthetics mix with a melodic pop sensibility that results in something quite unique.

Dag grew up in a strictly religious town in southern Sweden and from an early age he used music as a way to escape from mundane small town life. Initially just a means to preserve ideas, Dag began to record songs onto a 4-track portable cassette recorder and Jasper TX was born. After eventually realising that he could do something more with the recordings he slowly began to refine both his musical ideas and his recording skills.

Since his debut album ‘I’ll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches You’ was released on Lampse in 2005, Dag has been releasing albums on a variety of labels, including Miasmah, Fang Bomb, Kning Disk and SMTG Limited. His latest album, ‘A Voice From Dead Radio’ was released in March 2010 and featured remixes from Peter Broderick, Seaworthy and Xela, amongst others. Over the years he has also collaborated with Machinefabriek and Simon Scott (ex Slowdive), and remixed Australian improv duo Spartak, as well as Anduin and Machinefabriek.

Over the last couple of years he has performed live in the USA, United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and Germany. His past live performances have been described as “physical”, “intense” and “stunningly beautiful”.

Dag Rosenqvist is currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Selected press:

“Simultaneously epic and remote, Jasper TX succeeds in his noisy niche with a lot of collected meanderings folded and compressed into songs that sing without words.” – Dallas Observer

“Jasper TX proves that the grandest of gestures are best realised through the most personal of compositions. Stunning.” – Boomkat

“It sings a wordless song of hope and optimism, harmoniously combining sounds that are closer to sentiments than they are instruments. With ‘A Darkness’, Jasper TX is sound tracking memories that you haven’t lived and moments so pure they will leave you completely breathless for days.” – Forced Exposure

”As the record comes to a close with Jasper TX one thing is on your mind, to press play once more.” – Fina

Support TBC…

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18th Feb – Han-earl Park, Matthew Collings, Owen Green

This looks like a fun evening, not a Grind Sight night, but hosted by Matt Collings, who’s also performing his piece ‘Flags of a Dead Ship’

The Details:

Location – St Cecilia’s Hall – 8pm – 18th of Feb

The Line up:

Han-Earl Park

Improviser, guitarist, constructor and club-runner Han-earl Park works from / within / around the traditions of idiom-agnostic, experimental improvised musics, sometimes engineering theater, sometimes inventing ritual.

“Bandy-legged Han-earl Park (gitah)… drugged the ref and delivered a few kidney punches with a horseshoe in his boxing mitt.” – Jamie Smith (Owlhouse Recordings)

Owen Green

One half of the group Sileni, Owen’s eclectic performances are always surprising treats.

Read and hear him here :

Matt Collings

Electroacoustic / Experimental / Rock


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