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List of past events

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GSOE58(Cancelled) – Parallex, EGO ERGO AGGRO
@Alison house, 2nd Dec

GSOE57Mick Beck/Phillip Marks, Edimpro
@Alison house, 19th Nov

GSOE56: Ten, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Matthew Collings
@Alison house, 26th Oct

GSOE55: The Ames Room, Lapslap, humansacrifice & wounded knee, Michalakos/Pope/Hayes
@the Voodoo Rooms, 28th Sep

GSOE54: Eugene Chadbourne/Roger Turner, Two Wings
@Bongo Club, 17th Sep

GSOE53: Very Sharp Knives, Shenggy, Mo-seph, Aliased Neuron
@Forest Cafe, 5th Sep

GSOE52: Notyesus, Noise Club, Simbiotecnoise, Smith/Zhang/Stewart, Daniel Ross& Jake DF, Red Death, Kamil Kowalczyk
@the Voodoo Rooms, 12th July

GSOE51: Susan Alcorn, Campbell/Davidson/Duff Trio, Edimpro
@Alison House, 25th June

GSOE50: Fourcolor, Hervé Boghossian, Pixelmechanics, TapeJar
@the Voodoo Rooms, 21st June

* Dialogues: inspace 9 | Fred Frith, The Geordie Approach
@inspace, 21st May

* Dialogues: inspace 8 | Matt Rogalsky, Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
@inspace, 6th May

GSOE49: Heddy Boubaker, Han-earl Park, Edimpro
@Stills Gallery, 15th April

GSOE48: Zbigniew Karkowski, Cut hands (William Bennett), Aliased Neuron
@The Roxy room, 20th Mar

GSOE47: Mathias Forge /Christine Sehnaoui /Olivier Toulemonde Trio,  Neil Davidson and Fritz Welch Duo,  Můstek
@Stills Gallery, 12th Jan


GSOE46: David Stackenäs(SE) /Raymond MacDonald, Brittle Hammer Trio, Edimpro
@Alison house, 12th Dec

* Dialogues: inspace 4 | Scratch – Bennett Hogg / John Ferguson(Newcastle), Sean Williams, Aliased Neuron
@inspace, 4th Dec

* Braw Gigs: Family Battle Snake, Brittle Hammer Quartet, Retail Unit, Aliased Neuron + Eaten By Children
@Stills Gallery, 20th Nov

GSOE45: Jasper TX (SE), Peter Jørgensen (DK), Aliased Neuron
@Alison House, 8th Nov

GSOE44: Filario Farinoppo, Moran/Murphy/Zhang Trio
@Alison House, 4th Nov

GSOE43: Lemur, Edimpro
@Alison House, 27th Oct

GSOE42: Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern(Manchester), King rib
@Alison House, 17th Oct

* Braw Gigs: James Blackshaw, The Wee Rogue, Wounded Knee
@Old St.Paul Church, 11th Oct

GSOE41: Sam Pluta(New York, US), Owen Green
@Alison House, 4th Oct

* Dialogues: inspace 2 | Piano Plus – Sebastian Lexer, Seymour Wright, Stephen Grew, The Grew Brothers, Lapslap, Lauren Hayes
@inspace, 2th Oct

* Edimpro + Glasgow Improvisers’ Orchestra
@Alison House,

* Dialogues: inspace 1 | ICARUS, Currie/Smith/Styles/Zhang collabration
@inspace, 2th Oct

GSOE40: Bo Ningen, Core of the Coalman(Prague, CZ), Fordell Research Unit
@Henry’s Cellar Bar, 20th Aug

* GSOE39g: Bo Ningen (London, from Japan), Stellar Om Source(Zuid-Holland), Pyramidion
@CCA, Glasgow, 19th Aug

Mach Nausea 2009 – Voltigeurs (Matthew Bower, Sam Davies), A Band, Atomized, Defibrillators, Neil Davidson+Helheseten trio, Team Bric, Wounded Knee, Hockyfrilla, Cities Prepare for Attack!, Jazzfinger w/Fritz Welch, BBBlood, Culver, Nackt Insecten + Fordell Research Unit, Vultures, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Euan Currie + Iain Campbell, Diva Abrasiva
@Old St. Paul Church, 10th 11th July

GSOE38: Paul Hession (Leeds) / Mike Hurley (Birmingham) /Raymond MacDonald (Glasgow) / Fritz Welch(Glasgow) / Lin Zhang
@Alison house, 14th June

GSOE37: Machinefabriek (Arnhem, NL), D’incise (Geneva,CH), Tri/Ofon, Jodi Cave (Glasgow)
@Alison house, 14th May

GSOE36: Plunge Trio (Malmo, SE) + The Discordian Trio + SuperD’Orch
@The Bowery, 6th May

GSOE35: Parallax (Oslo, NO), Neil Davidson/Peter Nicolson Duo (Glasgow), Lin Zhang/Daniel Rutter Duo
@The Bowery, 2nd May

GSOE34: White (Beijing, CN), Alex Chechile(New York, US) + Sandy Milroy (Edinburgh) + Eaten by Children (London)
@The Bowery, 29th April

GSOE33: At 6am We Become Police(Film screening of No-Neck Blues Band documentary )
@Alison house, 24th May

GSOE32: Madame P (Bologna, IT) + Herb Diamante + Goatgirl (Seattle, US)
@Alison house, 15th April

GSOE31: Green Room, +D.O-NEIMAGI-N.E+, Monosynth Orchestra
@The Bowery, 18th March

GSOE30: Alan Courtis/Aaron moore, Usurper, Fordell Research Unit
@Alison House, 22nd Feb

GSOE29: Pain Jerk(JP) , Emeralds (US), Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Diva Abrasiva
@Henry’s Cellar Bar, 21st Jan


GSOE 28: Blistrap, Lapslap, Diva Abrasiva
@ The Canon’s Gait, 13th Dec

GSOE 27: Filario Farinoppo, The Dyad, Neil Davidson, Scrim
@The Canon’s Gait, 29th Nov

* Alison House Improvisation Vol.1
@Alison house, 8th Nov

* Dialogues Festival 2008 Episode 2 – Electric Cowboy Cacophony, Blood Stereo/Ali Roberstson, Helena Gough, Diva Abrasiva/ Owen Green
@Informatics Forum, 15 Nov

GSOE 26: Uni-un-form Improvisation II – Drone, Ambient, Minimal
@Forest Cafe, 23rd Oct

* Vodka Soap + Heather Leigh Murray + Muscletusk
@Sneaky Petes, 16th October

* CUT HANDS II – Skullflower + DJ Cut Hands
@ Henry’s Cellar Bar, 18th Oct

GSOE 25: Sindre Bjerga, HOH, Jack Weir, Playground Meltdown
@ The Canon’s Gait, 12th Oct

GSOE 24: Uni-un-form improvisation
@ Forest Cafe

GSOE 23: Post Abortion Stress, Wounded Knee, The Laurel Tree @ The Canon’s Gait, 3rd Sep

@ Cameo Cinema, 23rd Aug

Mach Nausea Festival 2008 – Kylie Minoise vs Nackt Insecten, Fordell Research Unit, Muscletusk, Usurper, The Radiation Line, Seppuku, Mills and Boon, Eaten by Children, Vars of Litchi, Wraiths, Dave Meckin, Wereju ,Simon Whetham, Sileni
@ Bristo Hall, 16th,17th Aug

GSOE 22: DVD Screening of “Supersilent 7”
@ Forest Cafe, 3rd Jul

GSOE 21: Hamoid(Tape), Aliased Neuron Field Recording Collective
@ Forest Cafe, 19th Jun

* GSOE 20: Aural Sex
@ Forest Cafe, 4th June

* GSOE 19: Monosynth Orchestra, Firebrand Boy, Coded Sleep
@ Forest Cafe, 22nd May

GSOE 18:

GSOE 17: o.m.s. – n.m.a., Aliased Neuron @ Forest Cafe, 24th Apr

GSOE 16: Three of Basses Improvisation – Mickel Mass, Mattew Salewski, Parag K Mital, Owen Green, Lin Zhang
@ Forest Cafe, 10th Apr

GSOE 15: DVD screening – audio visual works
@ Forest Cafe, 30th Mar

GSOe 14: Pixelmechanics +/- …, Mickel Mass
@ Forest Cafe, 16th Mar

GSOE Henry’s Sppecial: Diva Abrsasiva, Mills and Boon, Eaten by Children vs Aliased Neuron
@ Henry’s Cellar Bar, 24th Feb

GSOE 13: Improvisation- Sean Williams, Lin Zhang
@ Forest Cafe, 14th Feb

GSOE 12: Kresch, Andrew J Cairns, David Hughes/Christos Michalakos Duo
@ Forest Cafe, 31st Jan

GSOE 11: Free Jazz Noise Big Bang, GungWho, Aliased Neuron, Fox
@ Forest Cafe, 17th Jan

GSOE10: Close Eyes – In sound of Karlheinz Stockhausen
@ Forest Cafe, 5th Jan


GSOE 9: DCP Special – The Laurel Tree, Dimitris Bozelos, Sean Williams, Pixelmachenics Djset
@ Forest Cafe, 17th Dec

GSOE 8: Han-Earl Park / Murray Campbell, The Initial Condition in Kitchen, Eaten by Children v.s. Aliased Neuron
@ Forest Cafe, 26th Nov

GSOE 7: Eaten by Children v.s. Aliased Neuron
@ Forest Cafe, 10th Oct

GSOE 6: Pixelmachenics, Monosynth Orchestra, The initial condition in Kitchen,
@ Forest Cafe, 27th Sep

* GSOE 5: The Amazing Rolo, Sean Williams, Nick Janaway, Dead on the Live Wire + friends
@ Forest Cafe, 19th July

GSOE 4: Mike’ll Fish
@ Forest Cafe, 5th July

GSOE 3: Stephen Edgar DJset
@ Forest Cafe, 14th June

GSOE 2: Experimental DJset
@Forest Cafe

GSOE 1: Experimental DJset
@Forest Cafe

* The events were curated by others’ great effort, which are listed here because of the assistant of GSOE on duties among promotion, organisation or sound engineer etc.


Written by grindsightopeneye

03/05/2010 at 6:27 pm

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  1. Excellent! Great to see a single promoter putting on such a diverse range of acts.

    Graham Dunning

    04/05/2010 at 7:25 am

  2. Thanks Graham.


    05/05/2010 at 11:24 pm

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